East 34th Street Due to several crises converging at once, stress for my family has been considerable.  In addition I have been struggling with the effects of Lyme disease.  I commute to NYU Medical in Manhattan for evaluation and treatment.  So one day on the chance that my grandnephew, a student at NYU Film School, would have time for lunch, I texted him to schedule a meet up.

Often we underestimate the restorative powers of loved ones. When he told me he was a “go” for lunch, I gave him the place and time, and he updated his every subway waypoint on his way to midtown.  We ate at a place recommended to me by my doctor’s assistant, the Cinema Cafe at 34th and Third Avenue.  I asked her because she told me that she’s friends with NYU Tisch students thinking she’d have good ideas for a place to eat.  I think she did a great job. The place was kitschy, stylish, and the food was excellent. The patrons were artsy, native New Yorkers.  I was once a New Yorker so felt at home among the cinema posters of well-known actors in their iconic poses framed by patrons gabbing away about the latest gallery opening, movie release, or “Did you read what so-and-so said in the New Yorker Magazine?”  We had a window seat and management didn’t rush us.  We were there for hours.  It was a nice place for a prototypical New York lunch as Manhattan passed by the window.

Lunch with Max II

Max and I talked about his trip to Israel, society in general, cinema, the Oscar’s vs Cannes, photography, his latest writings (he is chief editor for Diabolique Magazine) and the meaning of life.  All topics were solved and someday, when I find the time to organize them, I’ll publish my notes so the world can be at peace. 🙂

Lunch with Max

As I rode home I settled into a calm in the midst of our family’s storm.