Setting Expectations

Blogging is much used and often abused in today’s information age.  There seems to be little restraint bloggers show when expressing their inner self, so as I begin this section of my website I’d like to set some expectations for myself and hope that will infect others to do the same.

1.  This is a bit of a twist on the Golden Rule of doing unto others as you would have them do unto you.  If I would be too embarrassed to say it to your face, I wouldn’t say it in a blog.  Polite discourse will be the governor of my comments notwithstanding it will be peppered with occasional humor, but it is not a place to diminish another person’s self-esteem.

2.  My discussions will be exclusively on the topic of photography and maybe other visual arts to enhance it.  Focusing the direction of my posts will assure that they are directed and hopefully interesting to those who have similar interest.

3.  I will only “speak” when I have something of value to say.  Posting for it’s own sake is self-serving and will bore the reader.

4.  I encourage open discussions and even welcome views that that might be different from my own.  Only today I exchanged emails with two friends whose insights I value and occasionally differ from my own viewpoint.  Although there’s a natural defensive reaction when I’m not fully accepted, I learn from those who might have another perspective so put the defense aside to let new information in.

5.  I resolved two years ago after retiring from a 24/7 business career that if it wasn’t fun, I wouldn’t do it.  It’s not a perfect world and sometimes life takes unwanted detours, but when you make positive energy a primary goal the enthusiasm it engenders motivates those around you.

6.  I remember an interview that a famous athlete had in which he was lectured by the reporter “practice makes perfect.”  The athlete replied, “practice makes you better…nothing makes you perfect.”  Thinking you are perfect is a sure way to inhibit growth.  Once you believe you are the best then there is no incentive to improve.  So my aim is to be ‘Better’ and will leave to those who think they are ‘Best’ to their own limitations.

7.  There is a subtle difference between criticism and analysis.  The former is laden with sarcasm and the later with intent to teach.  There’s much to learn from one another so long as it’s done with a benevolent spirit.

8.  My photography will be a voice through which I describe the way I see the world.

So there’s just a few thoughts of the way I will embark on this new adventure and welcome others to join me.